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How to GET A QUOTE and indeed PLACE AN ORDER

We're currently working on a form which will produce either a fiendish new interactive webby quotey thing (automating the quote process) or a pile of incomprehensible gobbledygook (accelerating the go-to-pub-instead process) but meanwhile let's do it the old-fashioned way...

1. Send us an email with the following information:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Garment type, colour & quantity required
  • Details of print size, colour and position required
  • Do you require delivery, or will you collect from us?
  • Delivery/collection deadline

If possible, please attach the artwork file(s) and also a mockup showing how you'd like your shirts to look. There's a handy t-shirt template HERE. To enable us to give you the lowest possible price, we suggest that you select print colours from our range of standard print colours.

2. We'll get back to you sharpish with a confirmed quote.

3. When you're ready to order, send us another email with the following additional information:

  • Address for invoicing
  • Address for delivery (if different)
  • Mobile phone number
  • Other daytime phone number (if applicable)
  • Garment size breakdown
  • Preferred payment method (debit/credit card, BACS transfer, cheque or cash)
  • Confirmed deadline
  • Any other relevant information
  • Any other irrelevant information (as long as it involves beer or cricket)

Attach the final artwork files (if you haven't sent them already).

4. We'll email you the invoice.

5. You give us a surprisingly small amount of money.

6. Our team of highly professional (if slightly silly) screenprinters will print, pack and deliver your shirts, triggering glee and rejoicing amongst you and your bandmates/colleagues/clients/mission control/chums.